Mini Pro 2.0 Basketball Hoop Review

Mini Pro 2.0 Basketball Hoop

Our Mini Pro 2.0 Basketball Hoop in a customized bedroom

At JustInTymeSports we keep pushing the limits as to what a mini basketball hoop is. We are always looking for ways to make our hoops stronger and more realistic. With our recent upgrade of the Mini Pro II to the newly-named Mini Pro 2.0, the first user of the new hoop weighed in with his review via e-mail.

The rim is stiff, but it is solid.  The boys have been jaming and hanging on the rim!  That is what kids want to do!  I can even jam on the thing! GYM CLASS HERO! LOL..

I am extremely happy with the durability of the rim. We play pig and horse many nights. I would hate if the ball hit the rim and the rim flexed.  This thing is like a true hoop!   It is tough for my 7 year old to get the rim to break away when he slams. He is pretty light! However, my 10 and 11 year old boys love to follow through on the rim and hang for a second. They are doing some monster dunks and the rim is working well for them. I think that is when the tougher spring is better.  Plus, after I mounted this thing – it’s tight and not too noisey. I think the rim’s stiffness has something to do with that.  This is important when placed in a residential bedroom!  My wife hasn’t complained once about the noise of this hoop, and that is truly AMAZING! LOL…I would pay double for that!

Before I found your company, I read reviews on the cheap SKLZ basketball hoop and how noisey it is.  I wonder if it has to do with the spring being weak.  In the reviews, people were commenting on how noisey it was and that when they shot from a distance the rim-flex stunk! That would (stink)!

So – overall I am happy with with your product, your customer service and your drive for perfection!  The boys play everyday!  It is the best indoor toy!  Those basketballs are too funny…synthetic leather….like real…. I love that!

Take Care Man -

Mini Pro 2.0 Basketball Hoop

The boys putting the JustFlex2TM break-away rim to the test!

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